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Welcome to the Travyly Rewards Ambassador Program, the ultimate travel referral program that rewards you with a amazing travel incentives for sharing a special and exclusive travel savings offer.

Are you ready to turn your passion for travel into an opportunity to earn fantastic travel rewards? Join us on this exciting journey and unlock a world of benefits!

How does it work.


Join Travyly Rewards for only $29.95 (annual membership). Save on travel while having the added benefit of earning amazing travel incentives. You'll receive your ambassador membership card by mail.

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Sign in to your Travyly Rewards account to share the magic. Download, print or email our beautifully-designed digital travel vouchers with your name on them. Spread the word about our exclusive Travyly membership offer where we waived our $99 fee for your friends, family, and fellow travel enthusiasts. They'll be able to access hotel savings up to 50% compared to what's published on popular big name travel sites and much more (a $3.95 fee applies upon voucher activation). Your friends will love you for it! See more about Travyly HERE.


For every referral you make, you'll earn one credit. Earn just 71 credits to get a travel incentive good for a 5-Night, all-inclusive Mexico or Caribbean Resort voucher for 2 Adults. Airfare not included. Terms and conditions apply.



Sign up fellow Ambassadors to the Travyly Rewards Program and earn a half credit for each referral they make to their friends to help earn your travel reward quicker. See FAQ for more details.

Meet Your First Reward.


When you earn just 71 referral credits, you'll receive an all-Inclusive Resort Incentive including accommodations for 2 adults with many food & drink options and activities on-site for no additional charge.

  • Tropical luxury resort accommodations of 5-nights.
  • Top travel destinations including Cancun, Cozumel, Mazatlan and Puerto Plata.
  • No redemption fees. Only taxes required at booking (est. $19.82 total).

* Upgrades available for purchase at the time of booking. Airfare not included. Dates are based on availability. See full terms and conditions HERE.

Why will your friends & family love their Travyly membership offer?



Only with Travyly Rewards, you can provide an exclusive friends and family offer to gain access to Travyly for only a small activation fee of $3.95. We have waived our regular $99 membership fee for your referrals. They'll get member-access to a vast private savings network of trusted travel partners, including 850,000+ hotels, 30,000 activities, and more for an entire year. They'll receive the world’s best cash-back rewards when booking hotels and get amazing discounts on theme parks including Disney and Universal – savings up to 50% off hotels compared to what’s published on popular travel sites. Click HERE for more info on Travyly.


Simple & Secure Booking Experience

We believe that booking a hotel should be a breeze. That's why Travyly provides a user-friendly, online platform that makes booking a seamless experience for your referrals. From intuitive search options to secure payment processing, we've got every detail covered.


24/7 Support

Our dedicated support team is here to assist you and your referrals every step of the way. Whether they need assistance with their bookings or handle a cancellation, we're committed to delivering exceptional service and ensuring a fantastic travel booking experience.


All Major Brands

With Travyly, you get access to the most reputable travel providers who offer wholesale rate options to our members, giving your referrals the best price on all major hotel brands and peace of mind as they book their next adventure.

Join Travyly Rewards today for just $29.95 and embark on a rewarding travel referral journey.

Share the joy of exclusive travel savings with others and let the rewards come pouring in. Start making your referrals' dreams come true while earning amazing travel incentives for yourself. It's time to unlock the power of connections and create a world where member-exclusive travel savings are rewarding for everyone.

Let's explore together with Travyly Rewards!

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How much does it cost to join Travyly Rewards?

$29.95 per year.

What do I get for joining as an ambassador?

You'll receive a one-year membership to - a private travel site that gives you access to below market rates on hotels and more (a $99 value). You will also have the added benefit of earning travel reward credits when referring friends and family to an exclusive Travyly offer on beautifully-designed digital vouchers with your name on them, located within the Travyly Rewards online platform. You'll also receive a membership card where you can use to sign up fellow ambassadors. Have them use your card number as the referral ID when signing up to the program and earn reward credits on their referrals too!

What's your refund policy for Ambassadors on Travyly Rewards?

We are sure that you'll be thrilled with the value of your ambassador membership. But, in the case you are not fully satisfied, let us know within 14 days from you joining and we'll refund you back (a $4.95 processing fee applies). And, as a special treat for giving Travyly Rewards a shot, your travel savings membership to Travyly is on us.

Is there a cost for my referrals to join

We have waived our regular $99 membership cost for this special program and only charge your referrals a small $3.95 activation/processing fee. They'll receive member-access to exclusive rates on hotels and more for an entire year! A $99 value.

Will my referrals be able to get a refund if not satisfied with

Yes. If they are not satisfied with our pricing, they can cancel their membership within 14 days of activation and we'll refund them back their $3.95 activation fee. No credits will be earned on refunded vouchers.

Can my referrals who join earn travel incentives like me?

No. To receive the added benefit of earning our travel incentives, they must join the Travyly Rewards ambassador program (a $29.95 fee applies).

How many credits do I need to earn a travel reward incentive?

Earn just 71 credits and get rewarded! For each referral you make to, you'll earn 1 credit. If you sign up fellow ambassadors to, you will earn 1/2 (one-half) credit on their referrals.

What is my first reward when I earn 71 credits?

A certificate good for an all-inclusive 5-night Mexico or Caribbean resort stay (Value $1600). Airfare not included. Dates are based on availability. See Terms and conditions.

Where can I check my balance for credits?

Ambassadors can sign in to and view their credit balance in their "My Account" section.

Can I earn two or more 5-night Mexico/Caribbean travel incentives?

A member cannot earn the same travel reward more than once. Each travel reward is good for one-time use per person. If you go over your 71 credits, other incentive will be available.

If I go beyond the 71 credit goal during my annual membership, can I earn additional travel rewards?

Yes. We have other rewards like a 4-night cruise that we provide as well as others with like value.

What happens to my credits if my Travyly Rewards ambassador membership expires?

We hold them in your account for 60 days and will become active if you renew your Travyly Rewards membership. If you do not renew your membership within the 60 day period, your credits will expire.

How can I earn more credits beyond my friends & family?

The easiest way to earn more credits is to sign up fellow ambassadors to by instructing them to use your ambassador PIN code, located on the back of your membership card, as their referral ID, when they join.

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